Journal Abstract

Indian Journal of Action Research, Vol. 6 Issue 2, Jan-Jun 2017, ISSN 2231-6124

Name Particular Download
Alkama G. Faqih, **Nitesh C. Joshi, et al Nerium odorum Aiton. as Dust Monitor Download
Anjali Vachhani The Comparative Study of Online Buying Behavior of Customers of Western Suburban Region and Central Suburban Region of Mumbai with Reference to Technology Familiarity Download
Anjum Ara M. K. Ahmad Brand Strategies of Select Automobile Companies for Fast Changing Market Segments in India Download
Bhagyashree V. Tamhane Human Resources Management in the Libraries & Information Centers Download
Dr. M.A. Siddiqui Relevance of Rumi’s Doctrine of Love in Modern Time Download
Dr. R. Subba Rao Goodness of Fit of Finite Range Reliability Model for Testing Under-reporting of Infant Deaths in India Download
G. Syamala A Study of Customer Satisfaction Towards Café Coffee Day Download
Geeta Ozwald Menezes Performance of Mid Day Meal Programme in Mumbai Download
Mousumi Guha Banerjee I Feel Your Honoured Excellence, and See / Myself Unworthy of the Happier Call’: Christina Rossetti and the Thematics of Love and Renunciation Download
Amrin Moger, Sagar Bhalerao Social Media Usage in Learning, Opportunities and Challenges for Teachers and Learners – Study of Distance and Open Learning Download
Nitesh K. Yadav, **Prathamesh S. Mishra et al Modification of Bethe-Weizsacker Mass Formula Considering Nuclear Radius Download
R. N. Nadar Contemporary Issues and Challenges in The Indian Education System Download
Rabindra Kumar Mishra Productivity of Rice in Odisha and Need for Strategic Intervention Towards Inclusive Growth Download
Rashmi Condra Comprehending Asian History through Numismatics Gallery and Museum: The Concept and Merchandise Download
Reena S. Desai Selection of Growth Strategy in The Different Market Swings, With Reference to Indian Financial Market Download
Shabana Parveen M. Ansari Changing Trends of Learning Methods Download
*Sushama Sitaram Pimpale, **Mangesh S. Nadkarni Theoretical Analysis of Potential Distribution Across Plasma Sheath in Siemen’s Type Vessel Download
Syed Saleha Javed Impact of Demonetisation on Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Download
T. Sasikanth Reddy Projection of Life in Henry James’ The Ambassadors Download
Vishal H. Goswami, **N. Thorat,R. Mundotia et al Study of Cr/Ti Based Nitride Multicomponent Coatings Deposited Using Cathodic Arc Deposition Download
Wali Farhana K., Masurkar Rajesh. M. Analysis of Ecosystem of an Urban River Download