1. The manuscripts should normally not exceed 3000 words (A 4 Size) pages, margin 1 inch in all sides including figures and tables, typed in 1 space in 11-point – in Times New Roman font.
  2. A soft copy in MS word of the paper should be sent through e-mail at
  3. The author should declare that the article is the author’s original work. The article has not been previously published elsewhere and not currently under consideration for another publication. We expect no plagiarized material in the research paper submitted to us.
  4. The cover page of the article should contain:
    1. Title of the article (in bold), title should be short and precise
    2. Name(s) of authors
    3. Professional affiliation
    4. Address of correspondence
    5. Contact No and Email. Kindly note the author’s name should not be mentioned in any other page.
  5. Full paper should generally consist
    1. Title of the article (Time New Romans 14, in bold)
    2. an Abstract of the paper in about 250 words (Times Roman 11-point, Italics), the abstract should be in single paragraph and indicate methods used, significant findings and conclusions in brief
    3. Keywords: 3 to 5 words, arranged alphabetically and
    4. Main text
  6. Main text should have
    1. Introduction (highlighting the review of current literature, aims and the objectives of the study) (ii) Research Methodology (or Materials & Methods)
    2. Results & Discussions (iv) Research limitations/ implications (if any)
    3. Conclusions and Suggestions
    4. Acknowledgements (optional).
  7. References in the text should APA style.
  8. All Figures (charts, diagrams and line drawings) and Plates (photographic images) should be submitted in electronic form. They should be of clear quality, in black and white and numbered consecutively. Tables and diagrams should be numbered consecutively and included in the text. Sources must be mentioned below the table. The titles must be above the tables/figures/charts.
  9. The location of endnotes (instead of footnotes) within the text should be indicated by superscript numbers.
  10. Mathematical expressions should be presented in a way that can be easily edited and printable.
  11. Please check your manuscript for clarity, grammar, spellings, punctuation, and consistency of references to minimize editorial changes.
  12. The editorial team has the right to modify or edit the work in order to match the standard and style requirement of the journal.
  13. References should be in the end arranged alphabetically. Only references cited in the text should be presented in the list of references.